Mike Pence Has A Hissy Fit & Upstages Peyton Manning

Our supposed Vice President Mike Pence & his wife decided to attend a NFL Football Game.  Yes, a game played in a league that his “boss” Donald J. Trump has been railing against for weeks due to displeasure about National Anthem protests.  So, even though you could more than likely expect some sort of protest at the Colts-49ers game in Indy, Pence and the Mrs. decided to attend.

And it happened.  While the Colts locked arms during the anthem, several 49er players decided to kneel.  So, the VP and Wifey decided to leave.  Now, Pence had to have known that some players would have protested.  It has even been reported that several reporters covering the game were told “there might be an early departure from the game”.

On top of all of this, this was the game where legendary Indianapolis Colts QB was inducted into the team’s “Ring Of Honor”.  So, not only did Pence grandstand for political purposes, he also took away from what was supposed to be a very special moment in Colts’ history.

Proving he has learned at the feet of “Papa Trump”, Pence tweeted immediately after his hissy fit.
Of course, Trump had to get in on this action with a tweet of his own.  But his tweet would lead you to believe that HE was the one who orchestrated this bit of grandstanding.
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So, on top of wasting a lot of taxpayer money due to travel and security for a silly demonstration and upstaging a legendary quarterback’s day of honor, we learned another thing about our Veep.
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C-B-J All The Way!

Another season of NHL Hockey is upon us in Columbus.  Don’t worry.  This is not going to be another preview/prognostication of the upcoming season.  I am sure you have read enough of those.  (Yes, I know that the roster is very young.  I know Torts has a tendency to wear out his welcome…but let’s cross that bridge later).

No, I am going to totally “fanboy” out here.  After a hiatus of a few seasons, I have rejoined the CBJ “Family”.  I am again a PROUD Blue Jackets Season Ticket Holder.  My ticket rep Karly successfully worked very hard to get myself and my wife back in the fold.  After I did the deal, I was allowed to meet Boone Jenner & Jeff Rimer at a reception for new Season Ticket Holders.  Continuously I was told, “Welcome To The Family.”  Now to some, it may sound corny.  But it really hit home with me.

I have been a Blue Jackets fan since their inception.  I was there with a buddy Opening Night in 2000 when it looked like the CBJ were on their way to victory over Chicago.  I have been there through the lean seasons when every game seemed to end in a heartbreaking loss in the waning seconds to the playoff losses to last season’s fantastic 16 game winning streak.  I have been there for Ron Tugnutt, Jean Luc Grand-Pierre, Rick Nash, George Matthews, Blake Sloan and even, God Forbid, Jeff Carter.

I will admit to some ups & downs.  I have gotten angry in the past at the Blue Jackets for various reasons, but have always supported them.  This season seems different.  I am ready to go “All In”.  Hell, I even officially joined the “Jacket Backers” this season.  (I think they thought I was already a member. Ha ha.)

This is going to be a special season.  I can feel it.  It may not end with the Stanley Cup but I do think the men with the Ohio Flag on the front of their sweaters will go past the first round.  And even if they don’t, I will be there cheering them on with the rest of the “5th Line”.

Go Jackets!
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The Cavs Are Now A Broken Down Old Team

Kyrie has left the building & the Cavs are now trying a new approach to challenge the Warriors.  Getting older.  The Cavs, in addition to Isaiah Thomas of course, have added 35 year old Dwyane Wade & 29 year old Derrick Rose.  Now 29 doesn’t sound old, but Derrick is an OLD 29 years of age.  Dude is more brittle than that candy grandma used to make.

And let’s not forget that Isaiah is no certainty either.  He is fighting a hip injury that could keep him out until the All-Star Break.  But let’s get back to Derrick & Dwyane.  Rose suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee last season, tore the ACL in his left knee in the  2012 playoffs, tore his right meniscus just 10 games into his 2013 season & tore it again in 2015.  You really think he gets through his inaugural Cavs season unscathed?
Image result for DWYANE WADE CAVS MEDIA DAYDwyane will be 36 years old by the mid-point of the upcoming season.  His career as well is littered with strained hamstrings, contusions, swollen knees, etc, etc.  He also is coming off a season where he suffered a fractured elbow.

You think these guys are really going to challenge the Warriors?  Hell, they may not even make it out of the Eastern Conference this season.  This squad would be more fitting in Ice Cube’s BIG3 League.  They are old….VERY VERY OLD.Image result for old man simpsons

Your NFL Boycott Is Stupid

You have no doubt heard about it in the news.  Allegedly people everywhere are burning NFL jerseys and giving up their season tickets; sports bars are no longer showing NFL games.  All in protest of NFL players allegedly disrespecting the American Flag & National Anthem.
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Well, guess what?  Your NFL Boycott is Stupid.  Yes, stupid.  How does it really hurt you if someone on the field or if someone in the stands doesn’t stand for the “Star Spangled Banner”?  It doesn’t.

I stand.  Always have, always will.  But if the guy next to me chooses not to, fine.  It is their choice.  That is what makes our country great.  Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Choice.  I have no idea what my fellow man is going through.  Maybe they lost someone due to gun violence.  Maybe they or someone they know were persecuted.  Maybe they want to show their support for someone wrongly imprisoned or worse, killed.

It is not like these players are spitting on or burning the flag.  They are kneeling.  When someone is hurt, others kneel.  One could make the argument our country is hurting right now, so they are kneeling.

As far as the boycotts go, I still see (except for the godforsaken Chargers) full stadiums.  And yes, ratings have fluctuated so far this season, but are still very high.  If someone gives up their tickets, there will be someone waiting in the wings to snap them up.  Trust me, there will still be millions and millions getting together to watch the Super Bowl this coming Februrary.

And those sports bars….NFL Football will be back on their screens eventually.  What the hell else are they going to show on Sundays in the fall and winter?  So yes, your NFL Boycott is Stupid.

Our Fearless Fantastic MLB Playoff Predictions

Ok, let’s get this started.  The MLB Playoffs are about to begin and being a media outlet (of some sorts) we are obligated to give you our predictions.

Twins vs Yankees– The Twins are the FIRST MLB team to advance to the Postseason after finishing with 100 losses the season before.  While Paul Molitor & the Twins are a nice story, look for the Yankees & Aaron Judge to win this game before the home crowd at Yankee Stadium.

Rockies vs Diamondbacks-  Paul Goldschmidt may be the greatest superstar you never heard of but look for studs Charlie Blackmon & Nolan Arenado to slug the Rox to victory.

Red Sox vs Astros- Houston is solid with probable AL MVP Jose Altuve leading the charge & late addition Justin Verlander solidifying the rotation.  But I just can’t get past the mystique of Fenway Park and the thought of Chris Sale dominating in this series.
Give me the Sox in 5.

Yankees vs Indians-  Aaron Judge will get his knocks but the rest of the Yankee lineup looks to struggle against a STRONG Tribe rotation.  Will the Indians fade in the postseason after their stellar run of 22 straight wins?  My Magic 8 Ball says “No”.
Indians in 5.

Cubs vs Nationals- I don’t see the magic from last year on this year’s Cubs squad even though they did have a stellar second half.  Plus if you know me, I hate the Cubs.  I do see Max Scherzer, Bryce Harper & Stephen Strasburg staying hot in the postseason.
Nats in 5.

Rockies vs Dodgers- The Dodgers were HOT as they started out 43-7 in their first 50 games.  Then they went cold near the end, losing 11 straight at one point.  But they still finished with 104 wins and home field throughout the playoffs.  They have Clayton Kershaw, Yadi Puig, Cody Bellinger & Chavez Ravine.  I actually really like the Rockies but can’t argue against LA.  Plus, don’t sleep on Dodgers SP Rich Hill.
Dodgers in 5.

Sox vs Indians- Kluber vs Sale?  Yes, please.  But after that, can you really make an argument for Boston?  The Tribe has the edge in starting rotation, starting lineup & bullpen.  I am taking Cleveland in 6.

Nationals vs Dodgers- Ok, all that nonsense I mentioned earlier about the Dodgers having the best record, Chavez Ravine, etc…etc, throw that all out the window.  I am going with Strasburg & Scherzer over Kershaw, Hill & Darvish.  I am also taking Harper, Daniel Murphy (don’t forget about the star 2B) & Werth over Puig, Bellinger and Company.  Nats in 6.

Nationals vs Indians- The starting pitching rotations are pretty even.  The starting eight are relatively even.  Bullpens….eh, not so much.  Cleveland definitely has the advantage there.  But there is also one other glowing difference between the teams.  It hurts me to say it but it is in the dugout.  Terry Francona is definitely a better manager than Dusty Baker.  In a World Series, there will be crucial times when strategy will come into play.  Tito definitely has the advantage there.  Look for the Tribe to take the crown in 7 games.
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Do We Really Need To Watch The “Battle Of Ohio”?

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful fall Sunday in Ohio.  So we must ask….”Do we really need to watch the Battle of Ohio?”  Sure, it’s Bengals vs. Browns, but it is also a matchup of two 0-3 teams.  Cincinnati finally showed signs of life in a disappointing loss to Green Bay last week and rookie Cleveland QB Deshone Kizer has shown flashes of potential in his first three games.
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But come on, there are leaves to rake and pumpkins to pick.  There is also the final day of baseball & a NASCAR playoff race to watch.  And, let’s not forget the final round of President’s Cup golf or the WNBA Finals.
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Plus, if you are really thinking about that so-called “NFL Boycott” this may be a good place to start.  DirecTV customers in Columbus, Ohio will not be able to view the “Battle of Ohio” because of a dispute with the local CBS affiliate.  This may not be a bad thing, in fact, it actually may be a blessing in disguise.

Why not use this Sunday to “take one for the team” and spend some time with the wife & kids….you know, so you can watch some real good football later in the season.

Trust me.  You will thank me later.

Welcome Back, Marty Brennaman!

It was announced earlier this week that Marty Brennaman will return for his 45th season in the Reds Radio Booth in 2018.  Contrary to what the twitter haters may say, this is fantastic news.  Marty is a living legend living RIGHT NOW.  Cherish him while you can.

Sure Marty has rubbed people the wrong way.  But that is to be expected from a broadcaster that does not sugar coat things.  I appreciate that.  I hate nothing more than a broadcaster who just is a mouthpiece for his organization.

Has Marty been a little harsh on Joey Votto?  Yes.  But when Joey makes as much money as he does, he should expect criticism.  Marty has also said many glowing things about Joey and has heaped much praise on him this season.

Is Marty cranky from time to time?  Definitely.  But you would get cranky too watching this team on a nearly daily basis the past few years.  Plus, “Cranky Marty” can be very fun to listen to.

The current team of Marty Brennaman and Jeff Brantley is the closest thing to the glory days of Marty & Joe.  They keep things entertaining and seem to truly enjoy each other’s company, which makes for a very enjoyable broadcast.  Trust me.  Get on mlb.com and try some of the other team’s broadcasters.  You will see what I mean.

So get ready to enjoy another season of “Ask Marty”, the CBTS Trivia Question of the Day and more playful banter between Marty, Cowboy and Kelch.  I know I will listen as much as I can with the possibility of it being the “Hall of Famer’s” last one increases as he ages.

(Photo courtesy of WVXU)