The Ohio Cup Is Dead

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When Interleague play began in Major League Baseball one of the fun things was having in-state squads play each other.  The Battle of Ohio was particularly fun as usually one weekend was designated for the Indians & Reds to battle in Cincinnati and another was held in Cleveland.

Excitement was felt as fans from each city traveled to the other to take in action in their rival’s park.  Sellout crowds were not uncommon as the two played each other in the early stages of the series known as The Ohio Cup.

Unfortunately that all changed a few years ago when Major League Baseball decided to begin having the Reds & Indians play four straight games, with all being weeknight games.   Even Reds Broadcaster Jim Day admitted on Cincinnati radio that no one, including the players involved, cares about The Ohio Cup anymore.
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All of sudden the urge to travel from Cincinnati to Cleveland and vice versa for the Baseball Battle of Ohio was extinguished.  Who the hell wants to make a four-hour plus round trip on a Tuesday or Thursday?  If Major League Baseball wants to revive any interest in The Ohio Cup, it needs to start scheduling it on weekends again.  Otherwise it is just another series lost in 162 games.

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Author: Harry Yeprem Jr.

In my 'real life' I am Development Coordinator for In my 'other life', I am "Harry From CBus", co-host of The Sports Bus and a devoted fan of the Cincinnati Reds. I also am a fan of the Buckeyes, Bengals, Blue Jackets and a frequent caller on many sports talk shows. Yes, I am 'that guy'.

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