ESPN Can Suck A Fat One

I have to be honest, the most recent series of ESPN “layoffs” really didn’t affect me much. Sure credible journalists like Jayson Stark got the ax, but I was still more intrigued by the firestorm regarding “Mike And Mike”.  Knowing that Mike Greenberg hated that moron Mike Golic and conspired to get rid of him makes my heart warm all over.

But the news of NFL Insider John Clayton really struck me.  Why?  I don’t really know.  Is it because John seemed like an internet sports geek like most of us (even though he really has no social media presence)?  Is it because he had such valuable “inside” information? Probably not.  I mean can you really remember any Clayton “scoop”?

No.  It’s because of this…

Yes, because John Clayton was able to poke fun at himself.  Hopefully John “rocks on” at FS1 or some other network.

By the way, ESPN can suck a fat one as long as they keep Michael & Jemele around.


Author: Harry Yeprem Jr.

In my 'real life' I am Development Coordinator for In my 'other life', I am "Harry From CBus", co-host of The Sports Bus and a devoted fan of the Cincinnati Reds. I also am a fan of the Buckeyes, Bengals, Blue Jackets and a frequent caller on many sports talk shows. Yes, I am 'that guy'.

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